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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st fear of Quinn (EUW) 3306823
2nd 밤영웅 (KR) 2990545
3rd Wíndfury (EUW) 2973742
4th Sundays27 (EUW) 2971938
5th Quinn Airlines (EUNE) 2850220
6th KlInEvOg7777 (EUNE) 2814084
7th Tuwinn (NA) 2421076
8th Bronze4Ever (NA) 2380190
9th PWNER CRASH (LAN) 2365999
10th Lord Banán (EUNE) 2164424
11th DV8 Reaper (NA) 2146021
12th PPLRPPL (EUW) 2113730
13th Suzakujin (EUW) 2100845
14th Namtab (NA) 2080378
15th pugsters3 (NA) 2053423
16th EaRTHEmPIRE (NA) 2005363
17th C9 Enano (LAN) 1991059
18th 날개달린후갱감 (KR) 1972825
19th Nozula (NA) 1962184
20th Valor Express (EUW) 1949443
21st JohnSy84 (EUW) 1894988
22nd HPS Logan (NA) 1815751
23rd XeonPilot (BR) 1800715
24th lMollo (LAS) 1710814
25th Revalí (BR) 1612976