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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st fear of Quinn (EUW) 3306823
2nd 밤영웅 (KR) 3189770
3rd Sundays27 (EUW) 3141700
4th Wíndfury (EUW) 3096802
5th Quinn Airlines (EUNE) 3002957
6th KlInEvOg7777 (EUNE) 2953804
7th PWNER CRASH (LAN) 2484741
8th Bronze4Ever (NA) 2476036
9th Tuwinn (NA) 2424307
10th Lord Banán (EUNE) 2283609
11th Namtab (NA) 2196141
12th Suzakujin (EUW) 2155083
13th DV8 Reaper (NA) 2147742
14th 날개달린후갱감 (KR) 2146121
15th FLYINGBABOON872 (EUW) 2144147
16th pugsters3 (NA) 2122959
17th C9 Enano (LAN) 2106588
18th Nozula (NA) 2073187
19th JohnSy84 (EUW) 2064055
20th EaRTHEmPIRE (NA) 2005363
21st Valor Express (EUW) 1977154
22nd lMollo (LAS) 1947316
23rd HPS Logan (NA) 1905466
24th XeonPilot (BR) 1875601
25th Captain Quinn (EUW) 1779020