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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hugh Akston (NA) 3510901
2nd Syndera (EUW) 1893666
3rd 내안에 무한한 위 (KR) 1837355
4th Skýsax (EUW) 1685855
5th Mystic Syndra (BR) 1427966
6th aja113 (EUW) 1426845
7th Elise x Syndra (NA) 1361794
8th PurpurowyHiacynt (EUNE) 1328989
9th LeLapinNoir (NA) 1313579
10th Senior Syndra (TR) 1279081
11th nononthesnake (EUW) 1278616
12th Pjezus (EUW) 1262885
13th SŸNDRÂ (NA) 1259326
14th Only practice (EUW) 1248886
15th Soulor (NA) 1247538
16th The Goddess (LAS) 1244524
17th Syndremort (EUW) 1209253
18th Synd (NA) 1183389
19th Goliface (EUW) 1171461
20th WFG Guspfc (BR) 1165726
21st Overlord Forte (NA) 1136282
22nd Eraggorn (EUNE) 1117947
23rd GT Wolf (EUNE) 1098102
24th Syndraella (NA) 1032833
25th uncarriablé (EUW) 1020878