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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hugh Akston (NA) 3102692
2nd 내안에 무한한 위 (KR) 1686703
3rd Syndera (EUW) 1557909
4th Skýsax (EUW) 1510351
5th Mystic Syndra (BR) 1347157
6th Elise x Syndra (NA) 1338105
7th aja113 (EUW) 1249984
8th Soulor (NA) 1246256
9th Pjezus (EUW) 1236500
10th LeLapinNoir (NA) 1215646
11th Only practice (EUW) 1192799
12th Dream Battle (NA) 1166433
13th GoDDesS Of BALLS (LAS) 1163760
14th Syndremort (EUW) 1145397
15th Overlord Forte (NA) 1130282
16th Guspfc (BR) 1091741
17th Goliface (EUW) 1086350
18th PurpurowyHiacynt (EUNE) 1041135
19th uncarriablé (EUW) 1018366
20th Eraggorn (EUNE) 1006450
21st Syndraella (NA) 977994
22nd Synd (NA) 973671
23rd Lord Syndrius (EUNE) 959364
24th ŠÿńGød (NA) 936766
25th itsdragonlol (NA) 897927