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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 시종잡배 (KR) 2840847
2nd OneTriick (LAS) 2671091
3rd 이 호 (KR) 2284095
4th TripleDìckLagann (NA) 2091325
5th carloschart (LAN) 2044760
6th soundbwoykilla (NA) 1981024
7th We Are Motorhead (EUW) 1973533
8th 3 Dozer Build (EUW) 1834511
9th Platrick (NA) 1786428
10th RareMuffinMan (NA) 1728601
11th JusticeKillaX (EUW) 1719982
12th blackhankjona (EUW) 1715969
13th Lord Azari (NA) 1678203
14th xGregor Clegane (LAS) 1675122
15th Corsair Sion (NA) 1648070
16th loopdead (RU) 1600898
17th Sion Behaviorist (BR) 1534295
18th Doctor Siontist (NA) 1526664
19th Shmajo (EUNE) 1493518
20th LordDedasun (NA) 1471871
21st wtf 1st sion (EUNE) 1457694
22nd HUSKSUPPE (EUW) 1446213
23rd hugolopexx (EUW) 1440239
24th Dollgare (BR) 1413109
25th Panipples (NA) 1390165