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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st OneTriick (LAS) 2508854
2nd 이 호 (KR) 2127299
3rd TripleDìckLagann (NA) 2040908
4th carloschart (LAN) 1954945
5th soundbwoykilla (NA) 1883096
6th Dirty Devil Rock (EUW) 1843932
7th 3DB (EUW) 1752200
8th RareMuffinMan (NA) 1706291
9th Platrick (NA) 1681236
10th JusticeKillaX (EUW) 1634887
11th Lord Azari (NA) 1629817
12th xGregor Clegane (LAS) 1599508
13th blackhankjona (EUW) 1544997
14th Corsair Sion (NA) 1541629
15th Sion Behaviorist (BR) 1534295
16th Doctor Siontist (NA) 1524360
17th loopdead (RU) 1474426
18th LordDedasun (NA) 1471871
19th hugolopexx (EUW) 1438733
20th wtf 1st sion (EUNE) 1406102
21st Dollgare (BR) 1378541
22nd xSousax (LAS) 1370758
23rd HUSKSUPPE (EUW) 1360478
24th Yamymakay (EUW) 1351501
25th Panipples (NA) 1340073