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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Vyrzez (NA) 177408
2nd KaynˉRhaast (NA) 164796
3rd Razador99 (EUNE) 147668
4th Nice Kayn (EUW) 143698
5th QDaniel05 (NA) 118285
6th Xeven7 (EUW) 116036
7th Prokargenius (EUNE) 111293
8th Eye Of The Kayn (EUNE) 111232
9th Godly tryhard (EUW) 111221
10th deadlyscythe (EUW) 106730
11th mutelumberjack (NA) 105809
12th iMonek (EUNE) 104205
13th ItalySumo (EUNE) 103442
14th Kaotic Kayn (EUW) 100045
15th LOOLcrafter (EUNE) 99962
16th PiergiSmerf (EUNE) 95265
17th Twistedqt (OCE) 92814
18th Roswal (EUW) 88846
19th SKT T1 MARKSMAN (EUNE) 87560
20th Akosih (EUNE) 82563
21st LowellXIII (NA) 81512
22nd Bromz (OCE) 81346
23rd SezamkowyTV (EUNE) 80449
24th pixiana (EUW) 78145
25th 1PE1Sorcery (EUW) 78070