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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st QDaniel05 (NA) 371670
2nd Vyrzez (NA) 346218
3rd Nice Kayn (EUW) 328525
4th SSG Revan (EUW) 297740
5th Kayn PeentaKill (BR) 292993
6th GetRicoSuave (NA) 280709
7th Tzenjin (NA) 279791
8th 꿀코리 (KR) 274519
9th deadlyscythe (EUW) 274082
10th KaynˉRhaast (NA) 270572
11th TSM Bad Horse (NA) 260665
12th G9DK (EUW) 243081
13th Amoodinho (EUW) 238785
14th Lønely Héro (EUNE) 229594
15th OutLust (EUNE) 227296
16th i KAYNT hear you (NA) 225566
17th Razador99 (EUNE) 224850
18th Raizeki (BR) 219773
19th Héssu (EUNE) 216025
20th F R E D R I K S (EUNE) 214866
21st gabo0304 (LAS) 213135
22nd Cuck (OCE) 209784
23rd Eddy EM (EUNE) 207497
24th Darkin Shadow (OCE) 206779
25th exdee (EUW) 205071