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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PhoticBoundary (EUW) 2425570
2nd Psoti (NA) 2371053
3rd Gaia Bot (NA) 2370064
4th bhanbhan (EUW) 2340377
5th Suzaku (EUW) 2141586
6th CrisFilhoHu3BR (BR) 2110426
7th ForeverNoris (NA) 2085335
8th Violet Aura (NA) 2028004
9th kuhaaa (EUW) 1992493
10th jayca (EUW) 1991754
11th Opiumm (TR) 1958515
12th DorkLS (NA) 1952997
13th LN Raven (EUW) 1942863
14th Natsu of Doom (EUW) 1931702
15th I cellardoor I (EUW) 1890419
16th Lexaeus26 (NA) 1880339
17th Slaminator (NA) 1826797
18th TheOGCherry (EUW) 1811976
19th dancash1808 (EUW) 1810385
20th Faerlian (EUW) 1809936
21st ArcadeZyra (EUW) 1801584
22nd OldZyraWasBetter (EUW) 1746602
23rd InfernalLemming (RU) 1699423
24th forpitssake (EUNE) 1683458
25th Thorns (TR) 1613388