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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PhoticBoundary (EUW) 2549241
2nd bhanbhan (EUW) 2472717
3rd Gaia Bot (NA) 2460219
4th Psoti (NA) 2453919
5th Karteru (BR) 2188898
6th jayca (EUW) 2152709
7th Suzaku (EUW) 2141586
8th Violet Aura (NA) 2102499
9th ForeverNoris (NA) 2090574
10th Slaminator (NA) 2083211
11th Opiumm (TR) 2065926
12th DorkLS (NA) 2025480
13th Natsu of Doom (EUW) 2024534
14th kuhaaa (EUW) 1992493
15th LN Raven (EUW) 1983064
16th I cellardoor I (EUW) 1971496
17th Lexaeus26 (NA) 1911775
18th dancash1808 (EUW) 1901164
19th ArcadeZyra (EUW) 1896888
20th forpitssake (EUNE) 1883003
21st TheOGCherry (EUW) 1815893
22nd InfernalLemming (RU) 1811147
23rd Faerlian (EUW) 1809936
24th OldZyraWasBetter (EUW) 1803671
25th Lesba Zyra (EUNE) 1732393