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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st bhanbhan (EUW) 2854025
2nd PhoticBoundary (EUW) 2847360
3rd Psoti (NA) 2617189
4th lxiona (NA) 2551068
5th Slaminator (NA) 2396777
6th Yashiir0 (LAN) 2359100
7th Karteru (BR) 2255926
8th Opiumm (TR) 2235408
9th Violet Aura (NA) 2233762
10th DorkLS (NA) 2222059
11th jayca (EUW) 2202035
12th Wildc4rdz (NA) 2153851
13th Lexaeus26 (NA) 2149957
14th Suzaku (EUW) 2141586
15th I cellardoor I (EUW) 2131979
16th ForeverNoris (NA) 2125253
17th forpitssake (EUNE) 2080775
18th LN Raven (EUW) 2059718
19th Natsu of Doom (EUW) 2039190
20th kuhaaa (EUW) 2010158
21st Ulul8r (NA) 2000163
22nd Lesba Zyra (EUNE) 1958124
23rd DzokerekDrugi (EUNE) 1905787
24th dancash1808 (EUW) 1905165
25th ArcadeZyra (EUW) 1896888