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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st kamikaze314 (EUW) 4233102
2nd BigBallszzzzzz (NA) 3921359
3rd i kill noobs xd (EUW) 2016793
4th FVLStar (EUW) 1955827
5th Sivirizm (TR) 1923077
6th Dinausorus (NA) 1897877
7th thunderburd (NA) 1651223
8th lolly619 (EUW) 1485652
9th Relocated (NA) 1423275
10th av3l (EUW) 1408552
11th Mexican Frost (NA) 1392624
12th Lady bug thug (NA) 1350260
13th FutureIntent (EUW) 1272074
14th Rorces (EUNE) 1230088
15th SiVSparky (EUW) 1080320
16th dupanet (EUW) 974049
17th ShadowHunterKeny (EUW) 953949
18th Alpengeist (EUW) 865336
19th TOXIC ADC GG (EUNE) 814600
20th Widow (NA) 753849
21st Dunn0 (EUW) 732907
22nd Thorned (EUW) 698409
23rd SKlNHEAD (NA) 687110
24th jubjub (NA) 684519
25th BananenBunny (EUW) 678063