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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Scht0nk (EUW) 3989274
2nd FappyTheLegend (NA) 2257108
3rd shiiyo kinshi (EUW) 2182944
4th metabaron001 (EUW) 2061110
5th Capitan Ginyu (LAN) 1907837
6th xx RASAMAHA xx (EUW) 1778902
7th FVT DVBS (NA) 1767893
8th Ouuh Pepper (EUW) 1736754
9th squirmingfrog (NA) 1659916
10th Geonsion (LAS) 1642910
11th Anas52 (EUW) 1535743
12th 89P13 (NA) 1423794
13th уайо (RU) 1410352
14th WaWaTD (NA) 1388396
15th Overlord697 (EUNE) 1333425
16th Jujubana (BR) 1331425
17th Wøøfie (NA) 1323819
18th Eraqus (BR) 1316461
19th silentcat7 (NA) 1313989
20th Bara Rider (BR) 1305821
21st Chimpandolfo (NA) 1305527
22nd thenotoriousLOL (LAS) 1293971
23rd Falcoff (EUW) 1282931
24th Gnarly Telephone (EUNE) 1266991
25th AP Gnar (EUNE) 1253640