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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 팀에탱커좀있어라 (KR) 4477486
2nd SupportPaper (EUNE) 2584040
3rd A cuddley kitten (NA) 2515024
4th Soraka the Star (EUW) 2447549
5th Laelwine (EUW) 2407614
6th TS anette16 (LAN) 2220808
7th ShadWooo (EUNE) 2132113
8th benoizu (BR) 2097637
9th PickleRIIICK (RU) 2072164
10th Caracancel (NA) 2033390
11th ØTP Søråkå (TR) 2032006
12th SA7 Distilled (EUNE) 2024095
13th 널치즈처럼먹고파 (KR) 2018494
14th Happy Lion (OCE) 2002597
15th Izabelaa (EUNE) 1998405
16th Wíríto (EUW) 1953178
17th spikeknight16 (NA) 1912302
18th akwinter17 (NA) 1906383
19th RakaGod (BR) 1899774
20th Ulika (EUNE) 1886044
21st Elfa Mística (BR) 1884379
22nd Rees (EUNE) 1866293
23rd 힐쳐받기싫냐 (KR) 1800564
24th Amilu (EUW) 1775778
25th Diibuuu (EUW) 1770656