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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 포지션조율빡고수 (KR) 4169634
2nd SupportPaper (EUNE) 2489839
3rd A cuddley kitten (NA) 2388458
4th Laelwine (EUW) 2237972
5th Soraka the Star (EUW) 2189799
6th TS anette16 (LAN) 2080736
7th 널치즈처럼먹고파 (KR) 2016163
8th ØTP Søråkå (TR) 2009789
9th Caracancel (NA) 1994292
10th ShadWooo (EUNE) 1978364
11th benoizu (BR) 1969619
12th PrayForPlaguesS (RU) 1942451
13th Happy Lion (OCE) 1873340
14th SA7 Distilled (EUNE) 1866128
15th Wíríto (EUW) 1834777
16th akwinter17 (NA) 1804599
17th Ulika (EUNE) 1783868
18th spikeknight16 (NA) 1779680
19th Rees (EUNE) 1771392
20th 소식통 브라우니 (KR) 1770047
21st Diibuuu (EUW) 1696330
22nd 넨네하쟈 (KR) 1667824
23rd Amilu (EUW) 1631448
24th Tak15 (EUW) 1625476
25th Soraka Velour (NA) 1575447