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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st karamurat2 (TR) 3740927
2nd Pulpo Peronista (LAS) 3002639
3rd Heyomi (EUW) 2784507
4th Pommerz (EUW) 2638668
5th VELKOZ EMOTE XDD (EUW) 2265536
6th marshmallonz (NA) 2242577
7th Mezzepa (NA) 2144839
8th Segun (RU) 2130791
9th The Eggsalad (NA) 2030543
10th 1Time well koz (EUW) 1993569
11th lolweaver (EUW) 1963289
12th Thanhbui714 (NA) 1945555
13th NibelHungen (EUW) 1930787
14th Dojutsu (EUW) 1892535
15th GenomeSoldier01 (EUW) 1871046
16th League of VelKoz (NA) 1841348
17th XaIo (EUW) 1814523
18th BANKAIIIII (EUW) 1801397
19th VeĊ‚God (NA) 1735984
20th Dr Koz (NA) 1726307
21st Fisnan (BR) 1677311
22nd yosama binwarden (EUW) 1655058
23rd SonkozumVelkozum (TR) 1595105
24th crzycrnk (EUW) 1569941
25th Vanic998 (NA) 1443954