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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st karamurat2 (TR) 4155550
2nd Pulpo Peronista (LAS) 3430679
3rd Heyomi (EUW) 2805507
4th Pommerz (EUW) 2684970
5th marshmallonz (NA) 2589922
6th The Eggsalad (NA) 2567502
7th Conor McGregor (EUW) 2554250
8th Mezzepa (NA) 2502354
9th lolweaver (EUW) 2297903
10th EYE (RU) 2287035
11th OneEyeGod (NA) 2257454
12th Velkoz on Fire (EUW) 2237417
13th 1Time well koz (EUW) 2139199
14th NibelHungen (EUW) 2121979
15th Dojutsu (EUW) 2111052
16th 콩이아부지75 (KR) 2103938
17th BANKAIIIII (EUW) 2095505
18th Sabaoth22 (EUW) 2057303
19th xDakattacKx (NA) 2056787
20th VeChain VROOOOOM (EUW) 2018813
21st GenomeSoldier01 (EUW) 1976261
22nd Abyssal Eye (EUW) 1915226
23rd housefly1 (NA) 1867723
24th VełGod (NA) 1848089
25th League of VelKoz (NA) 1841348