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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tesleuton (NA) 1230386
2nd zehirates (TR) 800708
3rd Hope Is A Prison (NA) 796738
4th zobrneek (EUNE) 788480
5th RibsonJD (EUNE) 722787
6th My Life Câmille (TR) 669153
7th XcYuu (JP) 656258
8th glubbered (OCE) 580380
9th Jezment (LAN) 536947
10th SKT1 Camille (NA) 536578
11th CamomilIe Tea (NA) 536239
12th Sry im Camille (EUW) 529512
13th AttackOnCamille (EUNE) 513561
14th sucksexfool (NA) 496228
15th Foxtrot Roefel (EUW) 488107
16th łńdrä (EUNE) 467507
17th TURi1990 (EUNE) 463882
18th 카밀함 (KR) 453092
19th TheF0rbidden0nee (NA) 448907
20th Algol Deorum (EUW) 438590
21st Camillee (BR) 398171
22nd 3VegitoBlue3 (OCE) 397109
23rd CrazyEscim0 (EUW) 385037
24th 입털면우물마라톤 (KR) 375980
25th DanceWithCAMILLE (EUNE) 365834