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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Master of Joy (KR) 5410182
2nd 라프만 (KR) 3919827
3rd whosdamannow (NA) 3273919
4th 고의트롤 전문 (KR) 2210253
5th Týrmuzari (NA) 2080557
6th MMG1973 (TR) 1906523
7th worst olaf gg lp (NA) 1905234
8th terminador999 (LAN) 1850346
9th aracnomenes (BR) 1682799
10th Fu Tou de baba (OCE) 1618602
11th iAM Mercy Mars (NA) 1492976
12th 환영착검 (KR) 1472995
13th Brolaf Olafsson (EUNE) 1459344
14th KittyLove (LAS) 1386848
15th UFO2013 (EUW) 1290261
16th Flying Beef (EUW) 1187509
17th Aquelarre (EUW) 1177056
18th bahor (EUW) 1171450
19th DadLaf (NA) 1171067
20th its the damper (EUW) 1161571
21st Manutendo (EUW) 1151208
22nd MYKITAMYLON (EUW) 1129182
23rd ZDY China (EUNE) 1088222
24th Fapaynazaiky (RU) 1076365
25th WeAz SoRya (EUW) 1061628