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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Master of Joy (KR) 5411592
2nd 라프만 (KR) 4361111
3rd whosdamannow (NA) 3273919
4th Týrmuzari (NA) 2286240
5th 올라프 마스터 (KR) 2227093
6th terminador999 (LAN) 2034878
7th MMG1973 (TR) 1906523
8th worst olaf gg lp (NA) 1905234
9th blayp (LAN) 1765749
10th Fu Tou de baba (OCE) 1727569
11th iAM Mercy Mars (NA) 1720676
12th aracnomenes (BR) 1685554
13th cosa63 (TR) 1618933
14th Brolaf Olafsson (EUNE) 1597576
15th 우혁왕의 참교육 (KR) 1584575
16th Ned Stark87 (NA) 1510647
17th 환영착검 (KR) 1472995
18th SkjöId (EUW) 1442970
19th Beso Arcoiris (LAS) 1401665
20th UFO2013 (EUW) 1391250
21st 213 (TR) 1370384
22nd LOL Impression (OCE) 1367607
23rd Gambit w0w (TR) 1362335
24th Adr316 (NA) 1336722
25th Gorloot (NA) 1331373