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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 빠커스승님 (KR) 4057660
2nd 라프만 (KR) 3061314
3rd whosdamannow (NA) 2643851
4th 올라프 매드무비 (KR) 2055204
5th Týrmuzari (NA) 1799198
6th worst olaf gg lp (NA) 1768507
7th MMG1973 (TR) 1766702
8th aracnomenes (BR) 1561592
9th terminador999 (LAN) 1509097
10th 환영착검 (KR) 1455983
11th Fu Tou de baba (OCE) 1433358
12th KittyLove (LAS) 1313749
13th Brolaf Olafsson (EUNE) 1180976
14th bahor (EUW) 1166906
15th its the damper (EUW) 1146068
16th UFO2013 (EUW) 1126415
17th Flying Beef (EUW) 1110710
18th ZDY China (EUNE) 1083428
19th MYKITAMYLON (EUW) 1074902
20th Manutendo (EUW) 1063978
21st Fapaynazaiky (RU) 1049771
22nd binet (EUW) 1004069
23rd DadLaf (NA) 986766
24th WeAz SoRya (EUW) 985875
25th Rafadsign (EUW) 947727