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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Beremoth (EUW) 2632420
2nd JimRaynore (EUW) 2117751
3rd kangdigi (KR) 2104201
4th Nunuchucks (NA) 1683314
5th Candoodle (EUW) 1532828
6th 5302319_DEL (KR) 1459968
7th R2F Desdi (EUW) 1352633
8th Janke96 (EUNE) 1204999
9th danny3088 (NA) 1202577
10th sweetpete (NA) 1197367
11th Lalo (LAS) 1100079
12th Big Nunu Blunts (NA) 1054836
13th 누 눙 (KR) 1054594
14th rkclshfwk1 (NA) 1053382
15th 괴도김 (KR) 1041792
16th 너무존잘남기모티 (KR) 1025504
17th Dev G (RU) 1007532
18th corpora (EUNE) 998949
19th top의 지배자 (KR) 987072
20th EnterTheBaker (NA) 973557
21st The Yetii Rider (NA) 972612
22nd Zeppcs (BR) 915331
23rd LCSLEVEL NUNU (EUW) 911153
24th PASTEL DE CABELO (BR) 894346
25th Koto (OCE) 872925