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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st zelmerPL (EUNE) 2341240
2nd Suppbot (EUW) 2176706
3rd Sweet Lovin (EUW) 2107832
4th fightforwar (EUW) 1917552
5th Hi Im Astylos (EUNE) 1872195
6th GR HKX 4628 (EUNE) 1620997
7th Ubell Blatt (BR) 1565393
8th Let Me Braum (TR) 1533460
9th NoBanBraum (EUNE) 1467508
10th Reaperthethird (NA) 1409056
11th CrazyZee (EUW) 1400245
12th NW Shadow (EUNE) 1352526
13th InAJeffy (NA) 1351756
14th Mémoryse (EUW) 1303768
15th CNG Hellsing (EUNE) 1292084
16th GAG Land (EUNE) 1283994
17th Pocokocska (EUNE) 1262140
18th TibijskiWojownik (EUNE) 1229771
19th Marcyline (BR) 1193921
20th Braum sentience (EUW) 1189784
21st Aslollzer (EUNE) 1152593
22nd Mada1995 (EUNE) 1122628
23rd EI Tigre Braum (NA) 1116072
24th Papa Banter (NA) 1086579
25th I am not GorillA (LAS) 1074275