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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st c0water (EUNE) 2353621
2nd Sir LuNaTiC (NA) 2134093
3rd Silverpuma12 (EUW) 1845167
4th Sir CuddIesworth (NA) 1581269
5th JhinTopNoTroll (EUW) 1571568
6th BlakknivesMatter (NA) 1539767
7th Wólfgrimm (EUW) 1463347
8th UnforJhinately (EUW) 1457096
9th HomelessJhin (OCE) 1451000
10th Horny Jhin (EUW) 1448436
11th jhinxao (EUNE) 1444647
12th VoiceOfSoul (RU) 1424207
13th Dance for me (EUW) 1395182
14th asaingar (NA) 1386103
15th CzyMad (EUW) 1383112
16th AZ tally (NA) 1363015
17th Have A Crit (EUW) 1362153
18th Chino (TR) 1359453
19th Lunatica (EUW) 1315549
20th Neroś (EUNE) 1287143
21st Whisperr (EUNE) 1286820
22nd Fadii (OCE) 1284077
23rd ЯуМамыАдк (RU) 1253358
24th Aeey (NA) 1228611
25th JOHNNYNETT (BR) 1206557