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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st c0water (EUNE) 2642275
2nd Sir LuNaTiC (NA) 2181893
3rd JhinTopNoTroll (EUW) 1951407
4th Silverpuma12 (EUW) 1876232
5th Rasterix (EUW) 1790017
6th BlakknivesMatter (NA) 1760871
7th Uncle Voice (RU) 1697215
8th Sir CuddIesworth (NA) 1662622
9th UnforJhinately (EUW) 1579083
10th CzyMad (EUW) 1518581
11th HomelessJhin (OCE) 1511671
12th Wólfgrimm (EUW) 1503293
13th jhinxao (EUNE) 1496266
14th Jhinthality (EUW) 1464134
15th Dance for me (EUW) 1451194
16th AZ tally (NA) 1445604
17th Have A Crit (EUW) 1417646
18th asaingar (NA) 1416286
19th Chino (TR) 1412956
20th WarOfart (LAS) 1386185
21st Neroś (EUNE) 1379366
22nd Fadii (OCE) 1358902
23rd CreepyJhin (EUNE) 1351110
24th DawnFlower (BR) 1326117
25th ЯуМамыАдк (RU) 1319001