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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st A Crywolf A (BR) 2168492
2nd Hion (LAN) 1851973
3rd Spirit Huntress (NA) 1829467
4th Rmzy (EUW) 1739723
5th Princess Kindred (NA) 1714741
6th TheUItimateMaacs (EUNE) 1659445
7th Paloggia (EUW) 1627232
8th Barhunga (OCE) 1622443
9th Vëx (EUW) 1616450
10th jebus305 (NA) 1598004
11th Vicesquade (NA) 1591704
12th 가이커스 (KR) 1578193
13th ProKind (LAN) 1577480
14th FenrisRaa (EUW) 1568503
15th NeonshadowNS (NA) 1556295
16th jayden0402 (NA) 1527215
17th Sunset Lamb (LAS) 1496001
18th Kindred or feeed (EUW) 1490142
19th ShädowNightmare (EUW) 1456404
20th Kindred Bot (RU) 1455749
21st Necrozted (LAN) 1422688
22nd LFC Red Kind (TR) 1412937
23rd 독도는대한민국영 (KR) 1376528
24th 71060817DEL1 (NA) 1325541
25th supers0ak (NA) 1293975