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Miss Fortune

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st f nay j (EUW) 3025003
2nd Flomigulau (EUW) 2733828
3rd The KraShKiller (EUW) 2430623
4th Ishmael Tarok (NA) 2380400
5th scabyka (EUNE) 2268792
6th 미스포카리 (KR) 2191443
7th Fortune La Bombe (EUW) 2119165
8th Anturias1 (LAN) 2118399
9th 1234dinh1234 (NA) 2060595
10th WizardOfSrb91 (EUNE) 2041558
11th DaRkLegolas (EUNE) 1987013
12th donbonn (EUNE) 1909059
13th Aona (EUW) 1906166
14th rockstone (OCE) 1841927
15th öMFö (EUW) 1821265
16th High King Peter (EUNE) 1811179
17th alucard20000 (NA) 1807393
18th şafak24 (TR) 1799456
19th ojkus (EUNE) 1797228
20th MissCasowari (EUW) 1759450
21st n1kt1r (TR) 1751864
22nd Dalstardemon (EUW) 1736661
23rd Minakko (EUW) 1667652
24th yJossimar (BR) 1653111
25th Berli0z (EUNE) 1632097