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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st mihabe (TR) 7088976
2nd 샤넬애쉬 (KR) 5061774
3rd энцефалит (RU) 4957907
4th 빛의구슬 (KR) 4092080
5th espritking (TR) 3720164
6th dalaohufly (EUW) 3652337
7th AngeLoHL (EUNE) 3577835
8th KRUSH429 (OCE) 3145611
9th potArolos (EUW) 2883974
10th zirrblackzz (OCE) 2618770
11th angelwingoppa (NA) 2573922
12th 1993wj (NA) 2520061
14th ALooKEnn (TR) 2480423
15th 44MLT44 (EUW) 2411594
16th AutoLokAshe (NA) 2293620
17th Bleblacz1 (EUNE) 2291039
18th Sephi BBZ (EUW) 2221333
19th VendoAtacado (BR) 2193879
20th Ashe sein Vadder (EUW) 2093597
21st PgMeur (EUW) 2091385
22nd Rhastamanja (EUW) 2077819
23rd prefadcplease (EUW) 2077783
24th sexxxy2 (NA) 2012193
25th LaArqueraDeHielo (LAS) 1965926