Tahm Kench

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SirStas (RU) 2735576
2nd The Golden Frod (NA) 2521549
3rd Dark Kench (OCE) 2073150
4th XyzAbc123Etc (NA) 2069561
5th Miss Trupa (BR) 1675686
6th Dalamir (EUW) 1641100
7th Tahm Kench Baba (TR) 1593488
8th the River Demon (NA) 1563543
9th calbearal (NA) 1438527
10th river king pepe (OCE) 1368935
11th 탑 참치 (KR) 1336479
12th farzaad70 (EUNE) 1328574
13th Suga Tahm Tongue (EUW) 1303208
14th ladymilch (NA) 1290624
15th 펭귄켄치 (KR) 1267163
16th Suspension (KR) 1234345
17th DawBooll (EUNE) 1226594
18th Tahm Κench (EUNE) 1216276
19th WHTFOZ (NA) 1182719
20th tubinha (BR) 1165798
21st 01082306488콜 (KR) 1125656
22nd Tåhmpøń Kęnćh (EUW) 1048744
23rd imnotplat5likeu (OCE) 1001625
24th Saydin (EUW) 981805
25th DingleBucket (NA) 970707