Tahm Kench

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SirStas (RU) 2642516
2nd The Golden Frod (NA) 2458734
3rd Dark Kench (OCE) 2057659
4th XyzAbc123Etc (NA) 1882593
5th Miss Trupa (BR) 1675686
6th Dalamir (EUW) 1631790
7th the River Demon (NA) 1494463
8th Asimile Kıro (TR) 1445766
9th calbearal (NA) 1393207
10th 탑 참치 (KR) 1328945
11th farzaad70 (EUNE) 1309591
12th 펭귄켄치 (KR) 1247931
13th Suga Tahm Tongue (EUW) 1241258
14th Suspension (KR) 1230511
15th river king pepe (OCE) 1220342
16th ladymilch (NA) 1159799
18th DawBooll (EUNE) 1127707
19th Tahm Κench (EUNE) 1116211
20th WHTFOZ (NA) 1092100
21st 짜암쥐왁싱 (KR) 1053984
22nd imnotplat5likeu (OCE) 1001625
23rd Saydin (EUW) 972361
24th Tåhmpøń Kęnćh (EUW) 956824
25th chambrick (NA) 924917