Tahm Kench

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SirStas (RU) 2384526
2nd The Golden Frod (NA) 2321906
3rd Dark Kench (OCE) 1978059
4th Dalamir (EUW) 1609006
5th XyzAbc123Etc (NA) 1577829
6th Miss Trupa (BR) 1391342
7th the River Demon (NA) 1386954
8th calbearal (NA) 1319166
9th 펭귄모험 (KR) 1172670
10th farzaad70 (EUNE) 1170026
11th Suga Tahm Tongue (EUW) 1151455
12th river king pepe (OCE) 1076527
13th EU MOIDO E MT x3 (BR) 1045842
14th DawBooll (EUNE) 1022519
15th imnotplat5likeu (OCE) 1001625
16th Tahm Κench (EUNE) 994506
17th Saydin (EUW) 963460
18th ladymilch (NA) 960319
19th WHTFOZ (NA) 928475
20th chambrick (NA) 924917
21st Darkest Clone (NA) 862765
22nd Blind Senpeye (NA) 852194
23rd SilencMol (EUW) 843932
24th Tahm Waits (NA) 826064
25th KKNightclub (OCE) 799172