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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 액션마니아 (KR) 4228459
2nd threatonsu (NA) 3999433
3rd woosan412 (NA) 3581009
4th vagner1000 (BR) 3309151
5th MURICA FY (NA) 3165666
6th theZixx (EUNE) 3042183
7th Trynda in s8 lul (EUW) 2901649
8th cnsystem (KR) 2879219
9th ChickenTard (EUW) 2681986
10th 천비화 (KR) 2641246
11th Bobjenson 17 (NA) 2471905
12th Stieltjes (NA) 2420657
13th Greatest Love (NA) 2389584
14th Caesar from Rome (EUNE) 2370210
15th Azruki (NA) 2334700
16th Tryndemier (LAS) 2200177
17th dolofongame (EUNE) 2177123
18th Amil22 (EUW) 2123915
19th 트린교주 (KR) 2103306
20th Hi lm Paul (OCE) 2102409
21st LevierNight x21x (LAN) 2091287
22nd GROSS (JP) 2090803
23rd KrugerKar (NA) 2068185
24th WybujanaBetonara (EUNE) 2062810
25th Stoic (BR) 2002177