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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 샬라샬라울랄라 (KR) 2649826
2nd Utman (TR) 2248974
3rd Lord Diguans (LAN) 2034144
4th LEGATO1 (LAS) 1867171
5th Vasilii (NA) 1833122
6th iWreck Walls (NA) 1680383
7th Swìft (NA) 1593393
8th 루시안 (KR) 1513402
9th xusico69 (EUW) 1482716
11th DrRitardo (EUW) 1449097
12th Head of State (NA) 1385812
13th UchihaaSasuke (EUNE) 1362345
14th SOS Darkbraid (EUNE) 1316878
15th Barbs inkas (EUW) 1314863
16th Deft Inc (NA) 1311755
17th Match Accepted (NA) 1300618
18th Sum Romantic Foo (EUW) 1294724
19th Zeero (BR) 1226600
20th Boosted bot (NA) 1223196
21st Omnibenevolence (NA) 1198208
22nd Rizkay (EUNE) 1154823
23rd KR JOHN WICK (LAS) 1114561
24th Flîps (NA) 1094923
25th Vazagger (EUW) 1087108