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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 99Palms (NA) 3767405
2nd 초시계 삭제해라 (KR) 2796765
3rd 지금부터시작이야 (KR) 2666488
4th Umbrá (NA) 2433562
5th CaLiiPo (EUW) 2387078
6th Fanatiq (NA) 2198278
7th Apdo Dopa Shadow (EUNE) 2197805
8th Pilgrimage to D2 (EUW) 2194695
9th Arkirron (EUW) 2151389
10th SavorWolf (NA) 2145029
11th Inferno Zed (EUNE) 2108489
12th Razor Zed (NA) 2087948
13th Spectre ZED (TR) 1909383
14th ShädowWithStyle (EUNE) 1877272
15th Kiting Zed (TR) 1873654
16th Zedtime Story (NA) 1871526
17th Zed King (NA) 1862469
18th LL Stylish (NA) 1855982
19th 율천고 최현우 (KR) 1853699
20th CJ ENTUS SHADOW (EUNE) 1833745
21st ΖΕD (EUW) 1830661
22nd HighlordDarion (NA) 1829090
23rd Dakotabot3000 (NA) 1760895
24th 마산시양덕1동 (KR) 1741598
25th Sh1tStain (EUW) 1739881