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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 김눌엉 (KR) 3248660
2nd Dark Dragonss (BR) 2983388
3rd Lion Larback (BR) 2571452
4th 잭sMaster (KR) 2335648
5th hashinshin (NA) 2261144
6th NelsonPQ (EUW) 2063706
7th fbiBr (BR) 2014877
8th NoJaxNoGain (EUNE) 1993381
9th jaxplayer (OCE) 1965442
10th Spacemarine225 (NA) 1931910
11th Ikzencriel (NA) 1872634
12th Edw17 (EUNE) 1841471
13th negruL (EUW) 1840032
14th Narcisse Noir (EUNE) 1767171
15th XxDarka3roxX (NA) 1765276
16th 42CrazyTürk42 (TR) 1745691
17th LynXerf (EUW) 1741667
18th cosmicfetus (NA) 1686131
19th 운명을거스르다 (KR) 1620834
20th SH4RKR1PP3R155 (EUW) 1619618
21st BJ잭스 (KR) 1592762
22nd 2001 04 30 (KR) 1592750
23rd dieKatze6666 (EUW) 1550079
24th Just Before Dawn (NA) 1549531
25th gourioushika (EUW) 1537458