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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st superryan18 (EUW) 2524279
2nd Peshala (NA) 1946263
3rd I KLED (EUW) 1339566
4th ZONGO LE DOZ0 (EUW) 1263730
5th XDonTacos (LAN) 1168617
6th KL3DG0D (EUW) 1105062
7th UAreOnMyProperty (EUNE) 1039296
8th robame (LAN) 1027729
9th Skaarlet Kledder (NA) 1025883
10th JellyCub (OCE) 983001
11th Hide on skaarI (NA) 955834
12th 2happy4u (EUNE) 952735
13th NapoleonBonaKLED (LAS) 946908
14th SolStar (EUW) 900379
15th The Kledgend 27 (NA) 848816
16th q1ffaay (EUW) 844126
17th Thor639 (EUNE) 820933
18th Michael The Holy (NA) 796439
19th sir stan (NA) 785700
20th Algol Deorum (EUW) 784923
21st The UnbĪ†rn (EUNE) 784820
22nd RedAbsolut07 (BR) 777196
23rd xX Kled Xx (OCE) 770379
24th JOOONES (NA) 756298
25th Supa187 (NA) 728368