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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st WHM KledXFinity (EUW) 3664111
2nd Peshala (NA) 2480721
3rd ZONGO LE DOZ0 (EUW) 1816144
4th I KLED (EUW) 1584301
5th Kled N9ne (EUW) 1377101
6th Soulmario (NA) 1328044
7th DiosMaxus (LAN) 1320157
8th FNC Erco (TR) 1309590
9th 2happy4u (EUNE) 1307811
10th TwTv LoLSkaarl (NA) 1218735
11th XDonTacos (LAN) 1176035
12th JellyCub (OCE) 1174727
13th BarbaKahnn (LAS) 1169030
14th Calvin Kled (LAN) 1163752
15th UAreOnMyProperty (EUNE) 1138535
16th RaiCiC (EUNE) 1135187
17th Punani Pie (NA) 1108644
18th Ć’abulous (EUW) 1089830
19th AsapGenraw (NA) 1081191
20th The Kledgend 27 (NA) 1065949
21st Fresh Chunky (NA) 1063789
22nd robame (LAN) 1051049
23rd DeemonLawd (NA) 1047618
24th PacifistWrex (NA) 1039265
25th Elmas2 (TR) 1037389