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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DepressedMorgana (EUW) 3423953
2nd Makiz002 (EUNE) 3269823
3rd Ezut (EUW) 3258991
4th CutePandaPea (EUW) 3104705
5th Talah (NA) 3047007
6th Maitre Sebast (EUW) 2871945
7th Phoenix888888888 (EUNE) 2848172
8th Shemhazai (EUNE) 2570970
9th NexTFactioN (EUNE) 2517324
10th Miss Ropez (EUW) 2442472
11th Dwarden (EUNE) 2234254
12th MrElfy (NA) 2233715
13th RikenCLC (EUNE) 2221899
14th the oofman (EUW) 2203273
15th mperezjr6 (NA) 2170280
16th Lady Issabella (NA) 2160640
17th sidikli morgana (TR) 2143218
18th Cursed dimitrix (LAN) 2088559
19th MudintheWater (NA) 2087652
20th zackboingbuhuuu (EUW) 2067516
21st Songbird Titan (BR) 1985343
22nd Holyshadow (OCE) 1980694
23rd 몰가연습좀할께요 (KR) 1978421
24th blackcat6 (EUW) 1968140
25th SuperSaiIorMoon (NA) 1941460