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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st wilson lol ks (LAN) 2308323
2nd The Fantazy (EUNE) 2128498
3rd OnE TwO (LAS) 2102508
4th Nyon Dark (BR) 2026328
5th xandao2016 (BR) 1972459
6th AB Rocks (NA) 1925238
7th Ufuk777 (EUW) 1796607
8th Evil Rabbit 2000 (EUW) 1788064
9th luis1234321 (LAN) 1756499
10th Z1k4Boy (BR) 1632632
11th skylorddeath1 (NA) 1559686
12th ZYStudent (EUW) 1555980
13th Aratron (LAS) 1545002
14th Psychotic Aussie (OCE) 1544601
15th hudzell (NA) 1496942
16th Ξ Kraven Ξ (EUW) 1487608
17th Stardust Goddess (NA) 1444668
18th Vidares (EUW) 1421071
19th Solarus17 (NA) 1397245
20th Christini (EUW) 1359771
21st ThrowInManyWays (EUW) 1359644
22nd I like aatrox (NA) 1353313
23rd GanksAreForNoobs (EUW) 1279280
24th Drigo Vicious (BR) 1270965
25th The Best Aatrox (NA) 1268006