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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st wilson lol ks (LAN) 2402989
2nd OnE TwO (LAS) 2241248
3rd Nyon Dark (BR) 2190387
4th The Fantazy (EUNE) 2129089
5th AB Rocks (NA) 2077092
6th xandao2016 (BR) 1972611
7th luis1234321 (LAN) 1845693
8th Ufuk777 (EUW) 1798871
9th Evil Rabbit 2000 (EUW) 1796134
10th Z1k4Boy (BR) 1764684
11th Aratron (LAS) 1630309
12th skylorddeath1 (NA) 1609672
13th Solarus17 (NA) 1569579
14th nathan121zon (NA) 1561189
15th ZYStudent (EUW) 1555980
16th hudzell (NA) 1548514
17th Psychotic Aussie (OCE) 1544601
18th Stardust Goddess (NA) 1535421
19th Ξ Kraven Ξ (EUW) 1518050
20th Vidares (EUW) 1491313
21st The Best Aatrox (NA) 1486647
22nd Christini (EUW) 1483504
23rd ThrowInManyWays (EUW) 1417621
24th AndreLinoge13 (EUW) 1368627
25th Sensei Aatrox (EUW) 1343119