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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ananinami (EUW) 3287118
2nd Sephyroth (EUW) 2543657
3rd Never Lucky (EUNE) 2487314
4th gigisLV (EUW) 2478744
5th Deep Sea (EUNE) 2337586
6th ertaille2 (EUW) 2195846
7th IsuckUsuckmore (EUW) 2138296
8th Namirah (LAS) 2133709
9th Cupcake2Go (EUW) 2086799
10th ComeToMomma (EUW) 2074470
11th llFICHAll (NA) 2070772
12th Paperfish (BR) 2036230
13th Rayonnance (EUW) 2024241
14th FullGore (LAN) 2001515
15th FlSHIE (OCE) 1970566
16th Bobr90 (EUNE) 1959159
17th Nami Fish Hentai (NA) 1917989
18th I InstaLock Nami (NA) 1910709
19th mwka (EUW) 1903503
20th Laurioo (EUW) 1901551
21st Seoulista (NA) 1884633
22nd 이빨털면안함 (KR) 1858942
23rd taluk (NA) 1818491
24th FIy222 (EUW) 1814934
25th Celianna (EUW) 1813169