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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 1 800 MID LANE (NA) 3712189
2nd xTrafalgarLawW (EUW) 2443543
3rd Azir Kami (NA) 2319292
4th stasello777 (RU) 2287730
5th TheSeventhWall (EUW) 2256947
6th ZkorpionXxx (LAN) 2255739
7th Be Somebocly (KR) 2166185
8th OG Wan Kenobi (EUW) 2139292
9th Apathylex (EUW) 1952208
10th Pru Pruuu PRUUUU (BR) 1929433
11th MapleBell (NA) 1852706
12th ayjerton (EUW) 1765574
13th KFC Azir (LAN) 1743712
14th Agent Chucky (EUNE) 1739644
15th Mr Oafa (OCE) 1735522
16th Eleyte (EUNE) 1681770
17th Scorpio2 (EUW) 1676808
18th Evaine Le bIanc (LAN) 1657922
19th AesirPrenke (EUW) 1645377
20th Sands of Shurima (EUW) 1606512
21st Only Azir (EUNE) 1590665
22nd 희원지 (KR) 1553978
23rd kawaii neko x3 (EUW) 1506591
24th Cute Foxy Riaz (EUW) 1493174
25th DRECKless (NA) 1485421