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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 1 800 MID LANE (NA) 3131198
2nd xTrafalgarLawW (EUW) 2307030
3rd 하늘보다푸른바다 (KR) 2099952
4th Azir Kami (NA) 2039993
5th ZkorpionXxx (LAN) 2022460
6th TheSeventhWall (EUW) 1842051
7th stasello777 (RU) 1809964
8th Mr Oafa (OCE) 1734820
9th OG Wan Kenobi (EUW) 1708188
10th Pru Pruuu PRUUUU (BR) 1602313
11th Apathylex (EUW) 1579699
12th 희원지 (KR) 1536705
13th Evaine Le bIanc (LAN) 1478298
14th kawaii neko x3 (EUW) 1441170
15th Scorpio2 (EUW) 1433855
16th AesirPrenke (EUW) 1426357
17th ayjerton (EUNE) 1418392
18th Sands of Shurima (EUW) 1399071
19th Only Azir (EUNE) 1389579
20th Agent Chucky (EUNE) 1388865
21st FoxxDog (NA) 1353713
22nd Vanillabell (NA) 1352681
23rd jhonnyaxios (LAN) 1340056
24th Willmentor (BR) 1339549
25th Lord Azır (NA) 1309165