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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 1 800 MID LANE (NA) 3393702
2nd xTrafalgarLawW (EUW) 2443333
3rd Azir Kami (NA) 2173293
4th 하늘보다푸른바다 (KR) 2102825
5th ZkorpionXxx (LAN) 2091978
6th TheSeventhWall (EUW) 2026566
7th stasello777 (RU) 2018498
8th OG Wan Kenobi (EUW) 1939423
9th Apathylex (EUW) 1855354
10th Mr Oafa (OCE) 1735390
11th Agent Chucky (EUNE) 1724938
12th ayjerton (EUW) 1703697
13th Pru Pruuu PRUUUU (BR) 1696722
14th Scorpio2 (EUW) 1650081
15th Vanillabell (NA) 1630269
16th 희원지 (KR) 1545460
17th Evaine Le bIanc (LAN) 1545169
18th Only Azir (EUNE) 1544795
19th AesirPrenke (EUW) 1542116
20th Sands of Shurima (EUW) 1521933
21st kawaii neko x3 (EUW) 1459038
22nd FoxxDog (NA) 1422888
23rd ayjerton (EUNE) 1418392
24th iii VeritaS iii (EUW) 1402961
25th Riaz Foxy Tharex (EUW) 1378525