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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 6421709
3rd RedTwizz (NA) 3645442
4th only trash teams (NA) 3196089
5th Pow Jr01 (EUW) 3117829
6th inis (LAN) 3105027
7th SKlNHEAD (NA) 2947753
8th Count Ranor (EUW) 2887842
9th sistemaletal (BR) 2658549
10th singed420 (NA) 2375737
11th Yubitsume (EUW) 2371689
12th FinaI Fantasy (BR) 2345216
13th Carrykiller (EUW) 2292522
14th IlIll (EUNE) 2230895
15th Toxic As Fukk (NA) 2212338
16th Drag√£o de Komodo (BR) 2196487
17th King Int (NA) 2096053
18th Daviid Pujadas (EUW) 2065264
19th Crylar (EUNE) 2013639
20th Lynxonyx (NA) 1919466
21st hurloom (EUW) 1911362
22nd Aved (BR) 1881090
23rd How about adrink (EUNE) 1875993
24th Parmupaevitus (EUW) 1862668
25th carykiller (EUW) 1854094