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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Honyn (NA) 2381494
2nd VendarionX (EUW) 2132794
3rd OnDaFritz (NA) 2101233
4th Hiiuii (EUNE) 2087213
5th Jecko45 (NA) 2041064
6th 수욕정이풍부지 (KR) 2031522
7th Jartyx (EUNE) 1950521
8th Stavr0 (EUW) 1740789
9th Skarflip (BR) 1699315
10th paodeezy (NA) 1674246
11th OnePunchEve (EUW) 1671839
12th SL OnlyEvelynn (TR) 1671388
13th Evelynn Doom Bot (NA) 1668216
14th P0ISON (LAS) 1657449
15th FIRST BLØOD (EUW) 1654426
16th Aïri (EUW) 1648310
17th The Walking Eve (EUW) 1638822
18th The Snatch Queen (NA) 1621176
19th chatziadam (EUNE) 1575760
20th HamtoriKing (NA) 1548855
21st 11813907del (KR) 1517325
22nd Chá Preto (BR) 1506690
23rd GodKiD (BR) 1490676
24th Shhh Whack (NA) 1478079
25th FearLove (NA) 1453255