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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Honyn (NA) 2431763
2nd Jecko45 (NA) 2428161
3rd Hiiuii (EUNE) 2305147
4th OnDaFritz (NA) 2279922
5th VendarionX (EUW) 2259536
6th OnePunchEve (EUW) 2210851
7th 수욕정이풍부지 (KR) 2031522
8th Jartyx (EUNE) 1950521
9th P0ISON (LAS) 1940864
10th GaNzLTU (EUNE) 1924486
11th paodeezy (NA) 1899387
12th Chá Preto (BR) 1829043
13th The Snatch Queen (NA) 1760281
14th Stavr0 (EUW) 1740789
15th Skarflip (BR) 1716568
16th Evelynn Doom Bot (NA) 1716546
17th SL OnlyEvelynn (TR) 1680649
18th Aïri (EUW) 1672539
19th FIRST BLØOD (EUW) 1654426
20th The Walking Eve (EUW) 1640123
21st 5ive (BR) 1600167
22nd HamtoriKing (NA) 1597876
23rd chatziadam (EUNE) 1580578
24th 11813907del (KR) 1517325
25th Shhh Whack (NA) 1505352