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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Honyn (NA) 2832706
2nd Jecko45 (NA) 2785849
3rd VendarionX (EUW) 2422937
4th The Conqueror (LAN) 2373259
5th Hiiuii (EUNE) 2363582
6th OnePunchEve (EUW) 2292837
7th OnDaFritz (NA) 2283374
8th Backstab (LAN) 2247825
9th Chá Preto (BR) 2046924
10th 수욕정이풍부지 (KR) 2031522
11th Cheetara TFT (EUNE) 2029539
12th paodeezy (NA) 1970737
13th P0ISON (LAS) 1965306
14th GaNzLTU (EUNE) 1961540
15th Jartyx (EUNE) 1950521
16th PetitJJ (NA) 1886887
17th The Snatch Queen (NA) 1852410
18th CEZARY (BR) 1819052
19th Łumens (EUW) 1766556
20th Stavr0 (EUW) 1740789
21st cupıd eros (TR) 1737000
22nd Skarflip (BR) 1716568
23rd Evelynn Doom Bot (NA) 1716546
24th Re Cordîs (TR) 1680649
25th Aïri (EUW) 1680078