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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Benjore (EUW) 3978810
2nd Jose Calderon (LAN) 1769523
3rd astronopitek (EUNE) 1654271
4th Etanasor (EUW) 1601117
5th Galiƶ (NA) 1589834
6th Pak Nor Tosh (EUW) 1448441
7th mediewal (EUW) 1195152
8th treeks (NA) 1191565
9th Kurtis Stryk3r (EUW) 1179815
10th Lagwar (NA) 1058791
11th GaMBlerko CZ (EUNE) 1047464
12th Deathcomes4u (NA) 955185
13th Yoda is my homie (NA) 918206
14th Choupko (EUW) 811773
15th AndersonVidal (BR) 788505
16th GalioSpecials (EUNE) 783576
17th GirocksteR (BR) 777201
18th Asphar03 (NA) 770106
19th chikubi nzoo (EUW) 731193
20th MIvanoski (EUNE) 688562
21st GaliOWNYA (OCE) 687806
22nd PoorGHT (EUNE) 682681
23rd Humble newbie (EUW) 673401
24th app Xativa GX (EUW) 662889
25th LOhKayEye (NA) 644176