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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Lehzina (EUW) 3224888
2nd Bladevein (TR) 2715518
3rd 이석희 (KR) 2601588
4th Falkentyne (NA) 2255423
5th God Deal (KR) 1959956
6th 개돌진 (KR) 1911060
7th Best Karth NA (NA) 1770607
8th Ludalf (BR) 1762644
9th G4hu (EUNE) 1685018
10th 181cm61kg18cm (KR) 1621474
11th Kàrthus (EUNE) 1580877
12th 엉덩국 데리버거 (KR) 1490613
13th ike10 (NA) 1490006
14th 4RM463D0N (BR) 1478580
15th v Xelerate (NA) 1432869
16th 채팅안하고롤함 (KR) 1361228
17th LovePlus (EUNE) 1359538
18th 웅 플레 (KR) 1342734
19th AsianCoké (EUW) 1307877
20th Mordemort (TR) 1294643
21st papriv (LAS) 1267440
22nd Yujio (EUW) 1246332
23rd mafiouz (EUW) 1225358
24th Deathsinger (EUW) 1216362
25th 코밑털 (KR) 1201818