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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Lehzina (EUW) 3369948
2nd 이석희 (KR) 2944925
3rd Bladevein (TR) 2715518
4th Falkentyne (NA) 2685792
5th God Deal (KR) 1964988
6th Best Karth NA (NA) 1929562
7th 개돌진 (KR) 1911060
8th Ludalf (BR) 1836391
9th G4hu (EUNE) 1820147
10th 181cm61kg18cm (KR) 1624246
11th 엉덩국 데리버거 (KR) 1589783
12th Kàrthus (EUNE) 1586822
13th ike10 (NA) 1539418
14th v Xelerate (NA) 1484456
15th 영웅 네모 (KR) 1483998
16th 4RM463D0N (BR) 1478580
17th LovePlus (EUNE) 1415140
18th AsianCoké (EUW) 1408358
19th 채팅안하고롤함 (KR) 1361228
20th Yujio (EUW) 1353011
21st Trefold (NA) 1340423
22nd Mordemort (TR) 1307578
23rd papriv (LAS) 1303463
24th 코밑털 (KR) 1283178
25th mafiouz (EUW) 1263052