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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MrCraft (EUW) 3133418
2nd Nantadet (EUW) 2497920
3rd Zeld67 (EUW) 2300419
4th wsll (EUW) 2148451
5th ELO TIME (EUNE) 2111803
6th Rank 6 Amumu (NA) 1878151
7th seytan melek (TR) 1741017
8th MustacheNerd (BR) 1683740
9th MeatChugger (EUNE) 1650619
10th 윈스톰 (KR) 1642832
11th amumumu (NA) 1625735
12th Némesis (EUW) 1502153
13th UCeS InTheDark (BR) 1480817
14th Paul2HD (EUW) 1429364
15th SirRage24 (NA) 1418369
16th Magel (NA) 1377893
17th Αmumu (EUNE) 1359994
18th Triple Thrill (NA) 1350197
19th Dissection0410 (EUW) 1347240
20th teddyzzz (NA) 1340614
21st nukedc (NA) 1337636
22nd SMURF DE JF (BR) 1329711
23rd Infermaipe (BR) 1274024
24th Amumu Top (NA) 1237905
25th Macelarius (EUW) 1217609