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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st F R E D R I K S (EUNE) 2636236
2nd Me Hago Bolita (BR) 2605838
3rd Spontanex (NA) 2485362
4th shoçe tariç (TR) 2282443
5th edev21 (EUNE) 2247793
6th Sermens (EUW) 2222728
7th Darkest Clone (NA) 2216317
8th Veden (RU) 2158367
9th Lord InvadeR (EUW) 2134928
10th PrayatNight999 (EUNE) 2118211
11th Watch out he (NA) 2094877
12th Pink Ward (NA) 2029091
13th ImSpaik (EUW) 2019565
14th StayAwayFromMe (NA) 1986953
15th Pannekakepulver (EUW) 1980231
16th qeunno (NA) 1979905
17th was it my clone (EUW) 1915625
18th 멘탈잡자으쌰으쌰 (KR) 1882640
19th TrollCo (NA) 1848264
20th TrâpŠhot (EUW) 1812776
21st Shacophrenia (NA) 1793137
22nd 스트리머관심종자 (KR) 1729737
23rd BROSAJU GRANATU (NA) 1636372
24th Pyroteknic (NA) 1607432
25th ShadowClone (EUW) 1605638