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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FK SHE WASNT 18 (BR) 3233567
2nd küfürbbazhaydo (TR) 3039785
3rd F R E D R I K S (EUNE) 2916843
4th ThePennyPincher (NA) 2828438
5th Veden (RU) 2802381
6th PrayatNight999 (EUNE) 2608132
7th Sermens (EUW) 2588387
8th Pink Ward (NA) 2498584
9th edev21 (EUNE) 2490544
10th Spontanex (NA) 2485362
11th Pannkakpulver (EUW) 2444938
12th ShacTastic (NA) 2390057
13th Darkest Clone (NA) 2357825
14th TrâpŠhot (EUW) 2303507
15th Watch out he (NA) 2288680
16th Joker Killer (EUW) 2236368
17th 멘탈잡자으쌰으쌰 (KR) 2209766
18th ImSpaik (EUW) 2176025
19th GG Julio Jg (BR) 2126080
20th ORW (EUW) 2087561
21st StayAwayFromMe (NA) 2068739
22nd dt3kt (EUW) 2058251
23rd qeunno (NA) 2032374
24th was it my clone (EUW) 1993529
25th Małeficent (NA) 1986771