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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheKooM (KR) 2655329
2nd SuspiciousOther (NA) 2594823
3rd SuspiciousOther (LAN) 2514002
4th cjftn123 (KR) 2236778
5th 대화차단함 (KR) 2062266
6th Crankyly (EUW) 1999609
7th SuspiciousOther (LAS) 1820295
8th Riftwalking (NA) 1655943
9th xAlMiiGhTy (EUW) 1633407
10th Dandere90 (EUW) 1608561
11th Comrade Kassadin (NA) 1508121
12th DottBalanzone (EUW) 1450611
13th TesIa (TR) 1445216
14th Slowas (BR) 1432164
15th BIueEssenceSucks (EUW) 1406365
16th x HighFall (EUW) 1374387
17th Lòrd Of The Void (NA) 1316271
18th Upcoming Legend (EUW) 1308994
19th kramola (RU) 1280461
20th BeckyLemmeSmash (EUNE) 1269852
21st Drunkenlola (EUW) 1231884
22nd Nerfa (BR) 1226122
23rd FiringPhoeniX (EUW) 1213987
24th Dimeslim (EUW) 1204983
25th WiSH3R (NA) 1196194