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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheKooM (KR) 2456145
2nd SuspiciousOther (LAN) 2445556
3rd cjftn123 (KR) 2113992
4th 대화차단함 (KR) 1942735
5th Crankyly (EUW) 1827160
6th SuspiciousOther (NA) 1820295
7th Dandere90 (EUW) 1518326
8th xAlMiiGhTy (EUW) 1468184
9th Riftwalking (NA) 1428492
10th ChumLee (TR) 1402470
11th Comrade Kassadin (NA) 1395792
12th 2X TornadoAction (EUW) 1358121
13th Slowas (BR) 1295384
14th Drunkenlola (EUW) 1231884
15th Upcoming Legend (EUW) 1228650
16th Lòrd Of The Void (NA) 1157184
17th Crawler (RU) 1154522
18th FiringPhoeniX (EUW) 1131535
19th On Ma Reperkusje (EUNE) 1128193
20th 외않헤 (KR) 1091077
21st Anzavur (EUW) 1089247
22nd Nerfa (BR) 1075455
23rd i know but why (NA) 1065382
24th pendingo (EUW) 1006031
25th SGL (LAS) 1005782