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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st slx81 (NA) 3845897
2nd dkbadd (NA) 3207573
3rd 시티즌팍 (KR) 2889172
4th Reborn C3sar (BR) 2813826
5th ThreeBlindMice (NA) 2518474
6th TheEggMen (NA) 2435440
7th QQ No Reset (NA) 2303426
8th Report Botlane (LAS) 2277723
9th Sexyrelia (BR) 2235003
10th Hideri Elbereth (NA) 2207605
11th monoirelia (LAS) 2205908
12th Paul G Adams (NA) 2153997
13th Masta Irelia (NA) 2128577
14th The Fightclub (EUW) 2126457
15th billyand the 2nd (NA) 2109149
16th FourBlades (NA) 2084545
17th HOU5E (NA) 2049677
18th Tamam Shud (TR) 2003989
19th silver hunter 91 (LAN) 1980548
20th Irelia hime sama (EUW) 1979643
21st vitek34rus (EUW) 1954817
22nd Kyoto (EUNE) 1886651
23rd Kodama52 (RU) 1878838
24th Alizé (OCE) 1753511
25th AngelTheThird (NA) 1722660