Twisted Fate

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Peggasus (EUW) 3081282
2nd Gross Gore (EUW) 2711313
3rd Hentai Card (EUW) 2542095
4th SSBM Hax (NA) 2330962
5th Sentrize (EUW) 2284877
6th BabyMisty (BR) 2184736
7th 팀디스는바로트롤 (KR) 2123556
8th 여러분들의오더 (KR) 2072071
9th oka br (JP) 1933879
10th TheHoesRLaffin (NA) 1933159
11th Oka (BR) 1904211
12th llllIIIIIlllII (NA) 1901135
13th BST Yellowcard (EUW) 1873060
14th Under The Gun (OCE) 1870436
15th Lenish (EUW) 1749256
16th Kubeeee (EUNE) 1738031
17th Why (KR) 1720601
18th Fakent (EUW) 1714633
19th manbreeze09 (NA) 1676303
20th S4ck My Deck (EUW) 1660353
21st gambit1 (EUNE) 1606601
22nd PAXxTwistedFate (NA) 1592215
23rd ThanBai (NA) 1588366
24th WolVeriN (EUW) 1574546
25th Quzaah (EUW) 1569104