Twisted Fate

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Peggasus (EUW) 3688617
2nd Gross Gore (EUW) 2970700
3rd Hentai Card (EUW) 2827099
4th Sentrize (EUW) 2536185
5th 지든말든미드만감 (KR) 2479805
6th 여러분들의오더 (KR) 2478002
7th SSBM Hax (NA) 2464643
8th BabyMisty (BR) 2396272
9th 운지장인 노묵훈 (KR) 2257102
10th TheHoesRLaffin (NA) 2242309
11th Kubeeee (EUNE) 2125259
12th Why (KR) 2124753
13th WifeBringMyCards (EUW) 2077884
14th Mr Reddington (EUW) 2037438
15th PAXxTwistedFate (NA) 2015921
16th llllIIIIIlllII (NA) 2000992
17th oka br (JP) 1997513
18th Jax0K (EUNE) 1961505
19th Under The Gun (OCE) 1959904
20th Fakent (EUW) 1953113
21st SuoMy (EUW) 1939439
22nd Lenish (EUW) 1932440
23rd BST Yellowcard (EUW) 1924726
24th Oka (BR) 1904211
25th Reclaim (NA) 1870341