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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Eav (NA) 2240813
2nd Rei Bae (NA) 2235678
3rd Nikkï (EUW) 2221559
4th Nelisa (BR) 2206729
5th 3141592654240591 (EUW) 2099385
6th XDaimosX (EUW) 2079504
7th PsotnyWiatrZenka (EUNE) 2032053
8th bαrd (EUW) 2010657
9th Buffy (NA) 1994083
10th Jánna (NA) 1979141
11th SilentGale (NA) 1977053
12th Rickyta (LAS) 1949356
13th Joe Cat (EUW) 1875238
14th Chewx (EUNE) 1842821
15th Valkýrie (EUW) 1816210
16th Monstryaka (NA) 1795092
17th Riw (NA) 1753537
18th Анечка Лисицина (RU) 1750146
19th The Tank Man (NA) 1723052
20th Vento ventania (BR) 1717009
21st Sorter88 (EUNE) 1712115
22nd Spécial M (EUW) 1694865
23rd plazmodezmata (TR) 1680782
24th 3786353del (KR) 1633355
25th Trollstuhlfahrer (EUW) 1627016