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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st youcandobetter (NA) 3422305
2nd Tobias Fate (NA) 3112161
3rd Ravizinho (BR) 2504071
4th Captain Cem (EUW) 2122021
5th 귤 지 컬 (KR) 2086024
6th Dr Keg (NA) 2013744
7th Tobıas Fake (EUNE) 1999127
8th Airreign (EUW) 1993365
9th Cur0Kag3 (EUNE) 1985737
10th czarnypr0 (EUNE) 1819049
11th Magnan (BR) 1718176
12th Foo (OCE) 1687951
13th Bo Mirell (EUW) 1668823
14th Cannons and Kegs (NA) 1658208
15th JonhyDerp (BR) 1656371
16th SamuraiZ (EUW) 1637888
17th BarreIs (EUW) 1628938
18th Do It For Coach (EUW) 1589492
19th Qw3rty (EUNE) 1588549
20th velho almirante (BR) 1583959
21st Cap BlackBeard (LAN) 1540740
22nd Nazario (KR) 1519856
23rd DONT NERF GP E (NA) 1504673
24th Spedonic (OCE) 1503568
25th GenghisPlank (EUW) 1481111