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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st youcandobetter (NA) 3422305
2nd Tobias Fate (NA) 2895479
3rd Ravizinho (BR) 2290482
4th Captain Cem (EUW) 2019724
5th Tobıas Fake (EUNE) 1948002
6th Cur0Kag3 (EUNE) 1892414
7th Dr Keg (NA) 1783925
8th czarnypr0 (EUNE) 1627066
9th saratoby (EUW) 1578455
10th DONT RETREAT (EUW) 1548117
11th Yar ha har argh (EUW) 1546971
12th Foo (OCE) 1538173
13th velho almirante (BR) 1537175
14th Manhaez (BR) 1528330
15th Qw3rty (EUNE) 1503412
16th Bo Mirell (EUW) 1484667
17th Do It For Coach (EUW) 1469296
18th For Evigt (EUW) 1435275
19th I Hate Scurvy (NA) 1417785
20th Nazario (KR) 1416890
22nd k0st4z (EUNE) 1357455
23rd spence000 (EUW) 1336589
24th DONT NERF GP E (NA) 1315968
25th Auturf (EUW) 1292213