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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kami Thresh (NA) 3585848
2nd no chat sup plz (KR) 3090081
3rd Bonesy (EUNE) 2908458
4th ЛюблюЛешу (RU) 2849058
5th e4io (NA) 2650943
6th FrostSickle (NA) 2609133
7th Kill My Adc Plz (EUW) 2579680
8th DADASICA (EUW) 2431289
9th LiLFelix (EUW) 2364637
10th Psychosocıal (EUW) 2269691
11th Derra (LAS) 2255871
12th I suck at thresh (NA) 2221791
13th Bard Is Vegan (NA) 2198419
14th Kakoraut (NA) 2184107
15th Lord Blank (NA) 2139388
16th AKG Bene (KR) 2113694
17th T H R E S H Lft (NA) 2093505
18th Treys (EUW) 2034955
19th PheenixDC (NA) 2032950
20th Funnypig (EUW) 2028137
21st Soul Jesus (EUW) 1987731
22nd Falanga (EUNE) 1953213
23rd H00KER (EUW) 1928542
24th ImHookedOnYou (NA) 1917712
25th SunnyTheLegend (NA) 1916429