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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kami Thresh (NA) 3549246
2nd no chat sup plz (KR) 3005205
3rd Bonesy (EUNE) 2727106
4th Sеntinеl (RU) 2680584
5th e4io (NA) 2555469
6th Gód Líke Thresh (EUW) 2518094
7th FrostSickle (NA) 2459832
8th DADASICA (EUW) 2359653
9th LiLFelix (EUW) 2270802
10th Psychosocıal (EUW) 2184330
11th Bard Is Vegan (NA) 2183404
12th I suck at thresh (NA) 2156021
13th Kakoraut (NA) 2155291
14th Infernal (LAS) 2154920
15th Lord Blank (NA) 2090556
16th T H R E S H Lft (NA) 2019366
17th Treys (EUW) 2010858
18th Funnypig (EUW) 1946112
19th Soul Jesus (EUW) 1928894
20th ImHookedOnYou (NA) 1901818
21st Falanga (EUNE) 1887661
22nd PheenixDC (NA) 1870451
23rd Fëint (EUW) 1857090
24th TheBroxigar (EUW) 1819900
25th H00KER (EUW) 1807944