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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CH6666 (OCE) 1944419
2nd YoungKhalifaMan (NA) 1771635
3rd MakeMeOooh (EUW) 1658599
4th Corki volador (LAS) 1284398
5th AllonYHKim (KR) 1264959
6th Shozy (EUW) 1240237
7th lilulalelo (EUW) 1168198
8th BrianSetzer (EUW) 1096219
9th DudeUpstairs (NA) 1091554
10th Nakto (EUW) 1076415
11th Varacki (EUW) 1001857
12th Muranaka7 (BR) 827872
13th Mardek (NA) 818824
14th PEW PEW GOT EM (NA) 735119
15th Slaxern (NA) 728079
16th RogueNationSFH (OCE) 719729
17th Sortido1 (BR) 713981
18th Corkì (EUW) 713861
19th jaime god of war (BR) 710243
20th Sir Morpheus (EUNE) 701295
21st redwoodR (EUNE) 638809
22nd Surprise Is Me (LAS) 632651
23rd forthepoutsS (EUNE) 627635
24th UOL Kurosaki (EUNE) 605778
25th PerttiPersereika (EUNE) 585816