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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st İLLAOİ BABA (TR) 2717108
2nd jacklovejiacheng (NA) 2140855
3rd Baba Garen (TR) 2062007
4th Siyah Sancak (TR) 1762268
5th THE ONE HAWK (EUNE) 1597201
6th StarBugger xD (EUNE) 1592283
7th 샤프한제우스 (KR) 1541801
8th 촉수페티쉬 (KR) 1426434
9th GeishaMoon415 (NA) 1302952
10th Kraken Priestess (BR) 1297870
11th smoking strong (EUW) 1270480
12th CapitalAce (NA) 1249166
13th Andrejoki (EUW) 1247847
14th JimboJangles72 (NA) 1199889
15th Anthony Ackerman (NA) 1193287
16th ICE TBone (NA) 1188655
17th C0mm4nd3rDavid (EUW) 1180962
18th over 1K I know (NA) 1152945
19th TTK Techno (NA) 1077652
20th H4Z4RDOUS (EUNE) 1076597
21st Comeufotu (TR) 1063230
22nd Onahalar (EUW) 1046888
23rd Warlord Calipso (EUW) 1044335
24th No Honor 212 (EUW) 1038557
25th Oppaï Loli (EUW) 1007045