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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st İLLAOİ BABA (TR) 3937846
2nd jacklovejiacheng (NA) 2503319
3rd Baba Garen (TR) 2180377
4th deathnote36k (EUW) 2132977
5th THE ONE HAWK (EUNE) 2023546
6th over 1K I know (NA) 1866085
7th Kraken Priestess (BR) 1832628
8th 샤프한제우스 (KR) 1828460
9th Siyah Sancak (TR) 1762268
10th 촉수페티쉬 (KR) 1731356
11th StarBugger xD (EUNE) 1731354
12th strangelove NA (NA) 1609533
13th ColdSouls (NA) 1579273
14th GeishaMoon415 (NA) 1566339
15th ICE TBone (NA) 1561322
16th H4Z4RDOUS (EUNE) 1560048
17th smoking strong (EUW) 1542897
18th Nagakabouros (EUNE) 1515543
19th faraonix (EUW) 1505943
20th Anthony Ackerman (NA) 1505820
21st TTUPhoenix (NA) 1492956
22nd Kiefer103 (EUW) 1471803
23rd NicolausHo (EUW) 1444779
24th OGHero06 (NA) 1428147
25th Onahalar (EUW) 1425342