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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Zeuticus (NA) 1653170
2nd 물주먹 데이지 (KR) 1374682
3rd magbb (EUNE) 1056847
4th fotoply (EUW) 936873
5th Syrian Refuge (NA) 807121
6th 니코니코리 (KR) 782051
7th Zireaell (EUNE) 750345
8th rnd supp (EUNE) 746564
9th Bush Out4Harambe (NA) 716499
10th Anorexic Maokai (NA) 700016
11th 아이번맨 (KR) 699551
12th GetYaSum (NA) 690475
13th exdee (EUW) 689768
14th IvernBramblefoot (EUW) 676898
15th Aøkigahara (EUW) 654356
16th Mesreth (NA) 647512
17th Hi Im YMY (EUNE) 621691
18th Chakathulhu (NA) 599871
19th Ashadeep (NA) 576975
20th Fingertips (NA) 559360
21st KaltClavis (JP) 555162
22nd RakanDisDik (NA) 535315
23rd rofldendoffel (EUW) 529755
24th O Primata (BR) 517373
25th JackyAce (EUW) 502219