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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Zeuticus (NA) 1653170
2nd 물주먹 데이지 (KR) 1549129
3rd fotoply (EUW) 1094060
4th magbb (EUNE) 1067807
5th Syrian Refuge (NA) 929918
6th amanduhhhh (NA) 850591
7th langken (KR) 848815
8th rnd supp (EUNE) 822752
9th Not iIvern close (EUW) 822656
10th 소미라 (KR) 821902
11th Zireaell (EUNE) 814853
12th 니코니코리 (KR) 783296
13th 아이번맨 (KR) 778685
14th Bush Out4Harambe (NA) 741338
15th IvernBramblefoot (EUW) 739731
16th PapaSalami (EUW) 718975
17th 킁정롤 (KR) 703419
18th Anorexic Maokai (NA) 700016
19th GetYaSum (NA) 693419
20th Chakathulhu (NA) 684835
21st Aøkigahara (EUW) 684559
22nd Hi Im YMY (EUNE) 680425
23rd DIEGUERAAAsz (BR) 666713
24th Mesreth (NA) 647669
25th Ashadeep (NA) 638716