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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Demin0r (EUNE) 2801892
2nd atpar (LAN) 2590517
3rd CARLOS KARMA (BR) 2451812
4th exesevoleW (EUW) 2214678
5th 00Chapi (EUW) 2207312
6th Tarzan Boy (TR) 1991634
7th M0M0 GOD (NA) 1721457
8th tonytwobits (NA) 1647545
9th itsmess (EUW) 1559145
10th Anonother (NA) 1555184
11th Xenoznika (NA) 1538984
12th TSP MANTRA (NA) 1486297
13th nexus9 (NA) 1431500
14th KarmaCatchesUp2U (NA) 1380433
15th Zero AP Karma (NA) 1371472
16th Angelo1326 (EUNE) 1343204
17th dreadnoughtus01 (NA) 1339581
18th Danioku (EUW) 1326231
19th Spoosky (EUW) 1317293
20th n7neill (NA) 1281751
21st Peaceful Warrior (EUNE) 1230397
22nd Miss Kreep (NA) 1213007
23rd Ego Killer (NA) 1208081
24th Zero Suit Samus (EUNE) 1194493
25th Narox (LAS) 1165831