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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Abletun (NA) 3775539
2nd Above all Team (EUNE) 2137734
3rd Peelmobile (NA) 2006091
4th 엔토리 (KR) 1979216
5th Joaquin El Chapo (EUNE) 1929853
6th RaidBossTaric (EUW) 1926741
7th Taric Hétero (BR) 1883902
8th hempmeh (BR) 1880025
9th Pinky Fatty Fat (NA) 1782570
10th KLR Carmine (LAS) 1765283
11th BlTcoin (EUW) 1723733
12th ArgentinaBs (LAS) 1664827
13th dodgeifyoufill (EUW) 1627936
14th Alécàndrô (EUW) 1627198
15th PaiGow (NA) 1605495
16th Onyx Misfire (NA) 1604684
17th La Breizh (EUW) 1563093
18th Хьюхефнер (RU) 1539979
19th DanScrub (NA) 1510294
20th Grande Donger (NA) 1478156
21st Takeitfrombehind (EUNE) 1475518
22nd LordOrick (NA) 1454465
23rd Ethàn Taylor (EUW) 1439330
24th GemGod (NA) 1437734
25th Trant Aens (NA) 1361928