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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Abletun (NA) 3585185
2nd Peelmobile (NA) 2006091
3rd Joaquin El Chapo (EUNE) 1929853
4th Above all Team (EUNE) 1886292
5th Pinky Fatty Fat (NA) 1782031
6th KLR Carmine (LAS) 1744738
7th hempmeh (BR) 1727438
8th BlTcoin (EUW) 1696120
9th BoostedTaricMain (EUW) 1663312
10th Taric Hétero (BR) 1658027
11th Alécàndrô (EUW) 1514194
12th dodgeifyoufill (EUW) 1502169
13th La Breizh (EUW) 1483017
14th LordOrick (NA) 1454465
15th Onyx Misfire (NA) 1453727
16th GemGod (NA) 1387734
17th Ethàn Taylor (EUW) 1354791
18th Bateto (EUNE) 1339054
19th Trant Aens (NA) 1337284
20th Grande Donger (NA) 1335811
21st Yoda2173 (EUW) 1269580
22nd Itaachii (LAN) 1195932
23rd Vehemus (NA) 1180005
24th Nomade rj (BR) 1172042
25th muldar666 (EUNE) 1162446