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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheBossVeigar (NA) 2615428
2nd Kheog (NA) 2489454
3rd MATHMOJO (NA) 1884511
4th ƒuckin VEIGAR (NA) 1865159
5th Remdog (EUW) 1825112
6th EvilKow (NA) 1792876
7th ROTC58기 심기찬 (KR) 1725537
8th WiccetSmurf (NA) 1673304
9th VEYGAR (TR) 1634389
10th Usajiro (NA) 1559166
11th Funglus (EUW) 1547236
12th Hinata Rabbit (NA) 1544362
13th Bronixon (EUW) 1540051
14th JustaZergling (NA) 1530081
15th FUC THE META (NA) 1467746
16th pcefgt (NA) 1418726
17th THE VEIGOD (EUNE) 1412388
18th xD5H9x (EUW) 1360863
19th paca5 (EUNE) 1354153
20th Shiny Meloetta (NA) 1322453
21st gritswithcheese (NA) 1322222
22nd ÇuöRèÑèRö (EUW) 1317070
23rd DemonMasterITA (EUW) 1297228
24th Gridulin (EUW) 1286810
25th ATS Rekt13900BE (EUNE) 1286764