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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GBK XxFocusxX (LAN) 4167411
2nd Loxias17 (EUNE) 3373368
3rd 실력없음라인노 (KR) 2473788
4th Yibon (NA) 2221107
5th DrGoogle (EUNE) 1945974
6th karolme (EUNE) 1716365
7th Radiant Phoenix (OCE) 1589960
8th wutteh (NA) 1533958
9th 트런들 그 자체 (KR) 1486864
10th EarlHickeyFC (EUW) 1270486
11th TRUTHS33KER (NA) 1216563
12th 트 신 (KR) 1157746
13th Zorganith (NA) 1090335
14th The Trundle (EUW) 1069242
15th tokoby (LAN) 1002725
16th 미츠할 (KR) 1002413
17th Best (LAS) 989836
18th 작은트런들 (KR) 930021
19th Yapukay (EUW) 904451
20th OdikadOdi (EUW) 902044
21st Ginours (EUW) 866237
22nd TRUNDLE KİNG (TR) 859482
23rd TrundleGod (OCE) 854037
24th amazing R (EUW) 835399
25th Dom677 (NA) 820445