Xin Zhao

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Reiniko (EUW) 4256458
2nd CapitanRock (EUW) 3607700
3rd artikus xin (EUW) 2878246
4th Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep (NA) 2866090
5th ArTikUs Xin (LAN) 2613022
6th 우 윽 (KR) 2578145
7th Pavilion p6100 (LAN) 2574891
8th Thatwobar (NA) 2484253
9th Rei Cristo (BR) 2330450
10th ReiMatematica (BR) 2220503
11th Bot Xin Zhao (EUW) 2204551
12th Fanis (EUNE) 2176344
13th longanss (EUW) 2050975
14th Viike (NA) 1982383
15th pDave (EUW) 1927705
16th DeusLook (BR) 1790340
17th Thunderhawk511 (NA) 1732553
18th MLG Snus Zhao XD (EUW) 1715076
19th XinGod (NA) 1623956
20th Jedi (LAS) 1567994
21st REINIKO (OCE) 1559691
22nd John Stam (EUNE) 1555758
23rd 420 OverDose (EUW) 1532109
24th IIlIIlIIlIIlIII (EUW) 1515577
25th NeoKamp (BR) 1507758