Xin Zhao

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Reiniko (EUW) 4909620
2nd CapitanRock (EUW) 4233702
3rd Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep (NA) 3350284
4th artikus xin (EUW) 2919836
5th Pavilion p6100 (LAN) 2689896
6th ArTikUs Xin (LAN) 2613022
7th ReiMatematica (BR) 2606197
8th 우 윽 (KR) 2592290
9th Rei Cristo (BR) 2575134
10th Thatwobar (NA) 2484253
11th Fanis (EUNE) 2466890
12th tambura (EUW) 2397651
13th Xs Kaplan (TR) 2351992
14th LegendaryGhost (EUNE) 2259985
15th Bot Xin Zhao (EUW) 2204551
16th longanss (EUW) 2117108
17th Dadio1 (NA) 2110641
18th king222 (EUW) 2080723
19th Jizya Collector (NA) 1982383
20th NeoKamp (BR) 1960782
21st Matc (LAS) 1952270
22nd pDave (EUW) 1933808
23rd DeusLook (BR) 1892343
24th En Milf Og Pils (EUW) 1888920
25th Vinccs (OCE) 1883920