Xin Zhao

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Reiniko (EUW) 4558210
2nd CapitanRock (EUW) 3788308
3rd Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep (NA) 3068732
4th artikus xin (EUW) 2901989
5th Pavilion p6100 (LAN) 2638476
6th ArTikUs Xin (LAN) 2613022
7th 우 윽 (KR) 2583109
8th Thatwobar (NA) 2484253
9th Rei Cristo (BR) 2405319
10th Fanis (EUNE) 2366429
11th ReiMatematica (BR) 2310803
12th Bot Xin Zhao (EUW) 2204551
13th longanss (EUW) 2056566
14th Jizya Collector (NA) 1982383
15th pDave (EUW) 1933808
16th Matc (LAS) 1840013
17th DeusLook (BR) 1792829
18th MLG Snus Zhao XD (EUW) 1782768
19th Thunderhawk511 (NA) 1747947
20th XinGod (NA) 1698022
21st John Stam (EUNE) 1691513
22nd NeoKamp (BR) 1677065
23rd MELITEAS (EUNE) 1631740
24th Jedi (LAS) 1606293
25th REINIKO (OCE) 1582640