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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Crows Before Hos (NA) 2073233
2nd AndronusPetronus (NA) 1909620
3rd Dàskalos (EUNE) 1719569
4th Serppens (BR) 1564222
5th End of Watch (EUNE) 1549045
6th End of Swain (EUW) 1539054
7th Swain Pain Train (BR) 1528769
8th TheTrueSwain (NA) 1528242
9th Xanas (EUNE) 1511090
10th YOLOSwag420Bong (NA) 1394147
11th LoafingWill (NA) 1379905
12th HaZhaS (LAS) 1376850
13th Réy (NA) 1313565
14th Jiguir (NA) 1309549
15th lolofreestyler (EUW) 1308333
16th xxLLxx (NA) 1252658
17th Daman (EUW) 1220439
18th prouyt (NA) 1188632
19th Darrice (EUW) 1183152
20th Líl Swaín (EUW) 1177795
21st Bigthink (NA) 1174628
22nd Ctlr (BR) 1156083
23rd TornadoTito (EUNE) 1142510
24th L2 Survive (EUW) 1097491
25th promiloseq (EUNE) 1087606