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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Crows Before Hos (NA) 2201695
2nd Máscara De Jano (BR) 2043834
3rd AndronusPetronus (NA) 2032425
4th Dàskalos (EUNE) 1719569
5th Living is a Pain (BR) 1700034
6th Master of Akali (EUNE) 1613289
7th Serppens (BR) 1577886
8th TheTrueSwain (NA) 1556709
9th Xanas (EUNE) 1553180
10th End of Swain (EUW) 1539054
11th LoafingWill (NA) 1519042
12th YOLOSwag420Bong (NA) 1428944
13th HaZhaS (LAS) 1418353
14th Réy (NA) 1366417
15th Jiguir (NA) 1319759
16th lolofreestyler (EUW) 1308333
17th xxLLxx (NA) 1305425
18th Daman (EUW) 1292165
19th L2 Survive (EUW) 1235387
20th Darrice (EUW) 1225259
21st TornadoTito (EUNE) 1224986
22nd xE x I s T (EUW) 1220945
23rd Bigthink (NA) 1197118
24th Ctlr (BR) 1190191
25th prouyt (NA) 1188632