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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Crows Before Hos (NA) 2356124
2nd Máscara De Jano (BR) 2133168
3rd AndronusPetronus (NA) 2132845
4th marsokhod (RU) 2024663
5th Swain Cansado (BR) 1849619
6th BEYHUDE84 (TR) 1765388
7th Tryhard D1 (EUW) 1758442
8th Dàskalos (EUNE) 1719569
9th Δ Iulian Δ (EUNE) 1708139
10th Xanas (EUNE) 1690814
11th TheTrueMasterYi (NA) 1676660
12th BIindSight (NA) 1665444
13th 暇すぎる皐 (JP) 1663879
14th Réy (NA) 1643303
15th LoafingWill (NA) 1593688
16th Serppens (BR) 1577886
17th Shangocaton (NA) 1568298
18th End of Swain (EUW) 1539054
19th xxLLxx (NA) 1472095
20th HaZhaS (LAS) 1469186
21st L2 Survive (EUW) 1428118
22nd GG ĄłµćąrÐ (LAN) 1419717
23rd Jiguir (NA) 1395972
24th Smackdown HoteI (NA) 1393272
25th emigor (EUW) 1356111