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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Gat Style (KR) 2178976
2nd BCBG (NA) 2106309
3rd No Name maybe (EUNE) 2083059
4th CoolTrainerZach (NA) 1799032
5th MistressMalphite (NA) 1798824
6th godshhep a lenda (BR) 1757072
7th blob37 (EUW) 1698990
8th shandala (EUNE) 1683030
9th Rivdex (RU) 1681662
10th UMakeMeRockSolid (NA) 1608220
11th xShadowSword (NA) 1568774
12th LDizon (OCE) 1540331
13th MIvanoski (EUNE) 1538753
14th andrei90 (RU) 1441221
15th Baba Koksal (EUNE) 1402714
16th art of live (RU) 1350554
17th LikeMikeDang (NA) 1349328
18th The Kyng (EUW) 1295861
19th Cavachier (EUW) 1293960
20th TheKrang (BR) 1181363
21st Cimbel Matutino (EUW) 1155657
22nd MIKA ANTIC (EUW) 1120843
23rd TrueHiddenMist (NA) 1117880
24th porknhoes (NA) 1095535
25th Hakai (EUW) 1085819