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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Wild Kat (LAS) 2192672
2nd 로즈반 (KR) 2106581
3rd MACIX katgod (EUW) 2080081
4th NightWingBoC (EUW) 2020403
5th KatSalt (NA) 1947255
6th Mater (NA) 1864111
7th Kat Du (NA) 1789533
8th Tychonoff (EUW) 1785613
9th InsaneDestiny (EUNE) 1782724
10th Mystic Cold (NA) 1778347
11th xXprincenvXx (EUNE) 1768474
12th Okapi Chan (NA) 1760135
13th NO SKILL NEEDED (EUNE) 1757110
14th KataOnUnicorn (RU) 1745986
15th Ductapenguin (NA) 1715788
16th Fμry (EUNE) 1710141
17th FacerollKatarina (NA) 1698783
18th Çrimson HeŁ (EUW) 1634056
19th EPMartins (BR) 1607288
20th FIyerbek (EUNE) 1601775
21st Opterpus (NA) 1565367
22nd Chloe Price (EUW) 1552900
23rd TheDeathLothus (EUW) 1525426
24th LSD ShizeR (EUNE) 1474408
25th DuCouteauKat (EUNE) 1473392