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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Wild Kat (LAS) 2601676
2nd NightWingBoC (EUW) 2578972
3rd MACIX katgod (EUW) 2390690
4th KatSalt (NA) 2180767
5th A Katarina Gay (NA) 2165641
6th InsaneDestiny (EUNE) 2115802
7th 로즈반 (KR) 2111451
8th Okapi Chan (NA) 2086055
9th oO Snïperïna 009 (EUW) 2035205
10th KalaxL (EUW) 1980522
11th Aeryss Targaryen (EUW) 1947941
12th Kat Du (NA) 1942023
13th KataOnUnicorn (RU) 1926046
14th Chloe Price (EUW) 1881065
15th FacerollKatarina (NA) 1857559
16th Mystic Cold (NA) 1857532
17th xXprincenvXx (EUNE) 1852550
18th Ductapenguin (NA) 1851275
19th Opterpus (NA) 1822772
20th the death lotus (EUW) 1814786
21st Fμry (EUNE) 1796128
22nd Best Kata Vadsø (EUW) 1781699
23rd NO SKILL NEEDED (EUNE) 1778624
24th Kinky Kat (EUW) 1754082
25th Hi Im Shunpô (EUW) 1741751